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Beyond Modern Interiors was founded by Roni Rivlin, a designer with a background in architecture and the innate talent to transform even the simplest of spaces into masterpieces of style and luxury!
Roni began her career in Israel, where she handled private home design projects for various clients. She experienced in interior design and home styling projects. 


After moving to New York in 2016, Roni started Beyond Modern Interiors in 2020, a home styling company that specializes in creating customized luxury spaces.

Roni enables such clients to create luxurious and gorgeous dream home interiors. Through Beyond Modern Interiors, she offers customized home styling solutions that focus on quality, functionality, and visual appeal. 

Whether it is to redesign a room or makeover the entire house, Roni Rivlin has practical solutions for all your needs. She aims to empower clients with affordable professional design advice and home styling solutions that will transform their homes into the perfectly curated haven they envisioned.

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